Looking back

I’m the kind of person that has a plan for everything, so as you can imagine with a big life event like having a baby; I had been planning it for ages. I knew how old I wanted to be and I even knew which months I’d like my baby to be born in (May – August) summer baby please!!

I had a spreadsheet which worked out mine and Jays disposable income, I worked out my maternity pay and started to save. I had even considered childcare costs!

When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon – all was going to plan – my baby was due for June 2nd.

But then on this day last year we found out something that I hadn’t planned for – we were having two babies – not one! The sonographer thought it would be funny to say she was checking there wasn’t 3!

The first things that came into my head were ‘wow that’s amazing I have two babies growing in me – how will I cope with two babies? How can we afford two babies? I need to get that budget spreadsheet out!’

We found the next couple of weeks hard, we were so happy and blessed to be having two babies but at the same time petrified – I remember crying when I told my manger at work. We really didn’t think we’d cope.

As my pregnancy progressed I came to terms with having two babies and started to get my normal ‘I can do anything attitude back.’ This slowly rubbed off onto Jay too!

Now almost a year on I have two beautiful happy babies who are coming up to 6 months of age. George and Emily ❤️

Becoming a mom to twins has been the most special thing. They amaze me everyday and I have also amazed myself.

There have been times when I felt like I failed. Especially when I decided not to continue breast feeding – it was so hard for me and I was slipping into depression. There’s so much pressure on moms to breast feed and I felt like I was failing my babies by giving them a bottle; but it was the best decision I made for us. A happy mom = happy babies.

Nothing prepares you for becoming a mom – especially a mom to multiples. But everyday when I look at my babies I know that I am doing an amazing job along with my Husband and Super Dad, Jay.

I decided to write this blog to get thoughts in my head down onto paper (let’s pretend it paper, I like to imagine back to when I was 13 writing my secrets in a diary with a padlock – hoping my little sister didn’t find the key)

This blog will be a mixture of reflection and tales of my daily life with George and Emily.


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