“Say goodbye to your hopes and dreams and make room for theirs.”

On announcing the birth of my beautiful babies someone commented with words similar to those above (I can’t remember the exact words, there have been many sleepless nights since then) and they have never left me.

Does having children mean that I should no longer pursue my dreams? Well my answer to that is NO! Having children was one of my dreams and I have been blessed to have that dream become a reality and whilst being Mum is now my most important role; it is not the only role I wish to play.

I am lucky enough to have paid maternity leave and I am enjoying every second of it, I wish it would slow down as its going far to quick.

Although I will cry when the day comes that I take George and Emily to nursery and I will miss getting to spend all my days with them; I still hope to achieve the goals I set for myself and move up the career ladder. Yes, it may
be harder and it may take me longer but it’s still my dream and I will achieve it. I have worked hard to get to where I am in my career and I do not plan on giving that up, plus I am one of those strange people who enjoys their job.

Does this make me a bad Mum?
One thing I have learnt in my short time of being a mother is that mums can be mean and judgemental. Whether it’s opinions on when to wean a baby or saying mums are selfish for still having a life outside of being mum.
But I think it’s healthy to still make time for yourself and to still have dreams and to go out and achieve them. I believe in leading by example and I want my children to go out there into the big wide world (but not just yet) and believe they can achieve all they dream of. My children will see that their dad and I work hard and hopefully it will enable and inspire them to do even better then us in their future.

I will be making room for George and Emily’s dreams and always encourage them and put them first but I think theirs still plenty of room for my dreams too.


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