Back to work · Parent

“Cherish every minute”

That cliche bit of advice that every parent gives you, “make sure you cherish every minute as they grow so quickly” and my gosh it’s true. 
It hit me when I had to make my decision on returning to work. I’ve always known I was going to return to work but it seemed so far away that I hadn’t let it be a worry. But in the blink of an eye I have watched my beautiful tiny babies grow into 7 month old mischief makers and with every month we’ve celebrated new milestones. But this 7 month milestone meant formally confirming my return to work date. 

This led me to question where on earth had the 7 months gone? Had I cherished every moment? I’d like to say I have but can any parent honestly cherish EVERY moment? Teething, Poop explosions, Sleepless nights? Then a wave of guilt hit me as there were days in the past 7 months that were so hard that I hadn’t cherished them. Days I felt so lonely that I wished I was at work. 

I cried so much that my poor husband must have thought he had three babies to look after. 

Then I thought of all the moments I have cherished and there have been so many moments from the first moment I held my tiny babies to their first smile, laugh, babbles, crawl and watching their personalities and friendship with one another develop. This was supposed to cheer me up but had quite the opposite effect as I won’t be there with them every day and I won’t get to see all their firsts. 
So yes I’m still a blubbering mess; even whilst writing this. 

I never thought I’d cry about not being able to go to rhythm time (a class we go to every Tuesday), but in the class they asked who was signing up to the next term and I realised I wouldn’t be able too as I’ll be in work! It’s little things like this that I’ll miss!

So I have come to the conclusion that I have 3 months left to win the lottery, after the 14 lucky dips I’ve won this year I’m sure I’m due the big win soon. Failing this I will return to work and realise like all mothers who have done this before me that although it may feel like it at the beginning, it’s not the end of the world and the days I have with George and Emily will become even more special & cherished ❤️ 


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