Back to work

“Happy New Year!”

I can’t believe Christmas is over and it’s 2017 already. It was the best Christmas celebrating with our little munchkins who will be 8 months old this month; I don’t know where the time has gone. I just know that it’s gone too fast! This means there’s only a couple of months left of my maternity leave. 

It’s a bittersweet feeling as I’m looking forward to hopefully getting my brain back, (Those who say baby brain doesn’t exist are lying or haven’t had a baby) and being with my amazing work colleagues but I’m not looking forward to having to share my time that I’ve been able to dedicate to my children with work. Im sure after a couple of months I’ll be in a good routine but the thought is very daunting. 

With ‘Happy’ new year in mind; I’ve decided to try and focus on the positive things and here’s my list:

Work clothes shopping – I actually will have a purpose to dress up and look decent when I return to work and hopefully I won’t smell of baby sick. (Shopping is necessary as my old work clothes are still a little tight) 

Hot drinks – having a hot drink and time to myself every morning on the commute to work – doesn’t that sound heavenly (if I mange to get a seat on the train I guess and am not like a sardine under another commuters armpit) 

Lunch Break – a whole hour to eat lunch! Currently I try squish the cooking and eating into George and Emily’s nap time which has decreased to around 20mins in the afternoon – otherwise they climb on me and steal my food. I can also use this time in the gym and then maybe I can fit back into my old work clothes to minimise the shopping. (I love shopping, just not the hubby moaning about my uncontrollable habit – these days it’s mainly baby clothes shopping)

Adult conversation – speaking to other adults about adult things. As much as I love speaking to my babies they look at me like I’m mental most the time – and most the time I also question my own sanity when I’m asking them what they think I should do for dinner. 

More daddy time & family time – my husband will reduce his working days which means he will have a day at home on his own with George and Emily each week. I think this is great as daddy and baby time is just as important as mummy and baby time and it’s quite rare that the hubby has had a day on his own with them over the last 8 months. My Auntie will also be having a day a week with George and Emily and they will build a stronger bond with one another. When I was little I was looked after each week by my Grandma and we have the strongest bond; so it’s nice to know George and Emily will also create this bond with extended family. 

Nursery – it’s taken me a while to see nursery as a positive. Initially this thought was a massive negative as I did not want to leave my precious children with strangers and the cost of nursery (especially when I have two) is a nightmare within itself. But after visiting the nursery I’ve chosen several times I’ve seen how much care they’ll receive at nursery and that they will help George and Emily grow & develop into social butterflies ready for school. Every friend I’ve spoken too with children at nursery tells me how great it is for them and I’m sure it will be. (Their may still be tears on the first day though)

Money – Now I know moneys not everything but when you have two children, a mortgage and various other bills it does help a little and living on statutory maternity pay has been hard. House decorating has been put on hold and we have very little disposable income so it will be nice to earn a good wage again and finish the kitchen we’ve been working on for what seems forever and be able to treat ourselves again and build our savings back up. (Oh and pay nursery fees) 

1st birthday party planning – The first birthday is insight and I’ve told you how much I love planning and organising! 

However the approaching Birthday did bring up questions on how we’re going to celebrate their future birthdays as twins. My husband and I have decided that on every birthday they will have a cake each and be sang Happy Birthday individually. I think it’s important to remember they are individual people and it’s each of their birthdays.

They will grow up knowing how to share of course just like all siblings; but on their special day we don’t think they should share their cake, birthday song and birthday cards. Some people look at me like I’m crazy when I say this but I’m going to stick with it so it’s a good thing I’ll be getting a wage again before their 1st birthday. Now to think of the cake theme…


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