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Four weeks of being a working Mum…

So I’ve been back at work for four weeks now and it’s going ok although I’m pretty exhausted. 

I havn’t posted for ages as to be honest I don’t have much time, but thought I’d post a quick update. 

I’m mainly surviving on berocca. (I’m still waiting for it to give me the energy to break out into a crazy dance though!) but honestly all parents returning to work stock up on multi-vitamins as you will feel run down. Also if your children are anything like mine they’ll  pick up nasty germs from nursery and pass them onto you! In the past four weeks they’ve had it all, snotty noses, coughs, conjunctivitis and I could go on. 

Other then the increase in snot and dirty washing in our household (I no longer have the luxury of putting a wash on everyday) we have been managing the change pretty well. 

George and Emily love nursery and after a rocky start they have settled in really well. 

My husband has survived his daddy daycare Mondays so far and even has dinner ready for when I get home. 

And surprisingly I do still have a brain in my head that functions at work, although it did take a couple of weeks. The first week was especially hard. I spent the days just thinking about George and Emily and really struggled to concentrate, but once I knew they were settled and happy at nursery I was able to start giving more of my attention to work and I’m slowly getting into it. 

The hardest thing is coming home tired after a long day and not being able to sit infront of the tv and chill like I did pre motherhood. My evenings now consist of bath time, play time and story time in the short time we have together on the evenings. I then cook dinner, wash and sterilise bottles, pack bags for the following day and then it’s usually my bed time. I now understand why working mothers in the past would glare at me when I use to moan about being tired at work.

It isn’t all bad,  I have loved having a bit of me time, finding myself again and talking to people about topics other then babies. There’s only so much baby small talk a woman can take – especially when it’s usually the same question of are my boy girl twins identical. I think I should do a post soon of all the funny questions and comments I’ve recieved since having twins, I think that would be quite amusing…

Well it’s approaching the 9pm bed time and I need extra energy for tomorrow as it’s Friday which means it’s mummy day! My favourite day of the week. Goodnight, hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


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